IPC Gansow 1250E Sweeper

IPC Gansow 1250E Sweeper

IPC Gansow 1250E Sweeper

Powerbrush – Main brush with special “V” shape, allows maximum performances of debris collection.
SLS – Self-levelling mechanical system for an always perfect adherence between brush and floor.
Power Filter – Dust microfiltartion up to 3 micron through special panel filter.
LDC – Special flap activated from driver’s seat for large debris collection.
Ergonomics – Easy to use thanks to intuitive commands.
Auto Stop – Deactivation and re-start of working functions simply by traction pedal (Battery / Dual Power).

Exclusive technologies and motorisations:-

Battery – Extremely large battery compartment. Available with non maintenance Gel Type Power Battery. Batteries and BLS standalone charger that included TCL technology, allowing best recharge. Management of batteries that can double batter life time.
Dual Power – Innovative hybrid power system which permits a double use of the machine, with battery and with combustion, allowing the use in any kind of application.
Combustion – Available in petrol or diesel powered motorisations, including variable hydraulic traction power drive system.
Power Filter – Filter shaker with automatic option. Intervals can be programmed through electronic board on battery and Dual Power versions.
Easy Dump – Debris hopper of great capacity, easily removable sections for discharge operations.

Main technical characteristics:-

Power supply on different versions
Battery: 24 V system
Dual Power: Honda 6.5 HP motor integrated with 24 V 80 A generator
Petrol: Honda 5.5 HP motor
Diesel: Yanmar 4.6 HP motor

Filtering system
Standard fi lter: panel type
Optional fi lters: panel type in washable polyester or polyester fabric for heavy duty applications

Battery/Dual Power: electronic type on front wheel, 16% climbing rate
Petrol/Diesel: hydrostatic type on front wheel, 16% climbing rate