New Stock – IPC Gansow CT80


High solution tank capacity external space.
Extensive running time
Large battery compartment
Brush control with automatic delayed stop
3 solution distribution options
Solution distribution from brush center
Self levelling system
High quality and performance vacuum motor
Pre programmed working settings

BT55/BT60/BT70 Versions

Scrubbing width   550/660/700 mm
Squeegee width 720/940 mm
No of brushes (disc)  1/2
Solution tank capacity 80l
Recovery tank capacity 85l
Battery power supply BT55 2 x 12v
Battery power supply BT60-70 4 x 6v
Max speed 6 Km/h
Productivity 3300/3600/4200 m2/h
Power installed 1180/1580
Battery box dimensions 390 x 478 260 (l w h)
Empty weight without batteries 118/134/145
Dimensions BT60 1310 x 673 x 1030
Dimensions BT70 1310 x 675 x 1030
Dimensions BT85 1310 x 760 x 1030

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