Cleaning Equipment Supplier in Lancashire

January is a dark and long month, but we’re not gloomy! We aim to be the biggest cleaning equipment supplier in Lancashire. Are you searching online for “CLEANING EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER LANCASHIRE”? Then we can help!

Our company continues to grow from strength to strength. We have several Manufacturers Awards to our name and we have become a Major Service Distributor for leading Floor Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers.

We’re always looking to develop and improve as well as working to our own Quality Control standards to ensure we continue to move forward. We work hard to build relationships with our suppliers and, of course, our customers .

If it’s cleaning equipment you’re after, we have what you need – we stock over 4000 lines of carpet and upholstery cleaners, commercial vacuums, dry steam cleaners, floor scrubbers and polishers, industrial vacuums, janitorial, pressure washers as well as scrubbers, driers and sweepers.

We always have new stock lines in the showroom. New lines, new models, new technology – whatever it is, you can guarantee it will meet all your cleaning needs. Take this as an example the Kwazar Venus 360 Super Pro+ 1.5 litre which comes with a directional and adjustable nozzle tip, viton seals, a base rim for stability and protection, and visible strip to check fluid level. The 360 capacity means that you can spray at any angle. Even upside-down (the sprayer, not you). There is also a built-in safety valve operational in excess of 3 bar. The nozzle cap can also now take a flat fan nozzle without the need for an adaptor.

We are able to offer free demonstrations of cleaning equipment as well as staff training. Training can be provided on-site or on our premises, if you prefer.

For technical information and the very best advice about cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions, just come to us!

For more information about the company or any product please give us a call on 01200 422161 or email

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